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Starters (2022)
Home made duck liver paté with cranberry chutney125 Kč
Beetroot carpaccio with mozzarella cheese, wild rocket and roasted sunflower seeds 130 Kč
Gratinated cibatta with mozzarella, goat cheese and dried tomatoes125 Kč
Soup of the day 59 Kč

Salads (2022)
Summer warm chicken salad 210 Kč
Salad with baked goat cheese and pancetta 235 Kč
Salad with beetroot, grilled fillet of turkey, oranges and roasted sunflower seeds 225 Kč
Salad from wild rocket, frech peach , Mozzarella, Tyrolean dryed ham and chili 225 Kč
Mixed salad with vinaigrette95 Kč
Mixed iceberg lettuce with walnuts, apples, ricotta and Parmesan cheese served with Dijon mustard vinaigrette210 Kč

Pasta - Spaghetti (2022)
Our pasta is fresh home made from eggs and Italian semolina flour. All dishes are served with fresh Parmesan on top.
Spaghetti with cherry and dried tomatoes, olives Kalamata and capers205 Kč
Spaghetti with courgette, chicken and chilli 215 Kč
Spaghetti with pancetta and Ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes and wild rocket205 Kč

Pasta - Tagliatelle (2022)
Our pasta is fresh home made from eggs and Italian semolina flour. All dishes are served with fresh Parmesan on top.
Tagliatelle with salmon, capers and lemon245 Kč
Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, spring onion, sage and lemon butter205 Kč
Tagliatelle with fried pancetta, courgette, Ricotta cheese and chili205 Kč

Gnocchi (2022)
Our gnocchi are home made from fresh potatoes and plain flour. All dishes are served with fresh Parmesan on top.
Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, pancetta, spring onion and thyme205 Kč
Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, pancetta, wild rocket and Ricotta215 Kč
Gnocchi with ceram of spinach and chicken235 Kč
Gnocchi with fillet of pork, dried tomatoes, spring onion and lemon235 Kč

Fish (2022)
Grilled fillet of salmon with ratatouille275 Kč
Grilled fillet of salmon with dip of sourcream, fresh herbs and lemon270 Kč

Veal (2022)
Escalope of veal with Tyrolean dryed ham, sage and Port wine sauce 265 Kč
Escalope of veal with demi glace craberry thyme sauce 265 Kč

Beef (2022)
Grilled rib eye steak with grilled vegetables and chili360 Kč
Grilled rib eye steak with green peppercorns and thyme Sherry sauce360 Kč

Turkey (2022)
Escalope of turkey with lemon, capers and demi glace sauce 210 Kč
Grilled Escalope of turkey with cream of wild mushrooms 235 Kč

Pork (2022)
Fillet of pork in pancetta with wholegrain mustard and chive dip245 Kč
Fillet of pork with oranges and ginger chili sauce235 Kč
Gratined fillet of pork cream of spinach and gnocchi 215 Kč

Poultry (2022)
Grilled supreme of chicken with cream of spinach215 Kč
Grilled supreme of chicken with dip of sourcream, fresh herbs, honey and chili 210 Kč

Kids´ meals (2022)
Panfried gnocchi with grilled strips of chicken95 Kč
Grilled strips of turkey with French fries 99 Kč

Desserts (2022)
Créme brulée with raspberries 75 Kč
Chocolate cake with whipped cream 85 Kč
Homemade Tiramisu75 Kč

Side dishes (2022)
Boiled potatoes with butter and chopped parsley49 Kč
Sauté potatoes with rosemary 60 Kč
French fries 60 Kč
Ratatouille / grilled vegetables - 150g 90 Kč
French bread, small / large 49/59 Kč
Garlick bread, small / large 59/69 Kč
Gnocchi, Pasta - 150g 65 Kč
Parmesan - 20g45 Kč
Chutney - 50g 40 Kč
Ketchup - 70g 35 Kč

What is VOC Znojmo?

The Znojmo wine sub-region introduced the first appellation system in the Czech Republic – VOC Znojmo, wines of original certification. The founders of VOC Znojmo were Jiří Hort and Jaroslav Chaloupecký. The approval system for granting the VOC Znojmo label was successfully completed in 2009. With this step, the Czech Republic has become one of the successful market systems practicing controlled origin marketing. Znojmo is now taking advantage of its market opportunities as the first holder of the VOC Znojmo trademark.

The appellation system applies only to wines from the three most typical varieties of Znojmo, Sauvignon, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner, or their cuvées, which show a regionally typical, uniform flavour profile. The appellation system is characterised by demanding requirements for the quality of the wines, so it is a great success that 20 selected wineries have already joined the project. The adoption of the VOC Znojmo system is a significant step for Znojmo, local winemakers and the Czech Republic into a new wine era.

Since 2013, the VOC Znojmo appellation system has grown to include the exclusive Royal Series, whose wines have great potential for bottle ageing.


Wine list


Arte Vini

Arte Vini  www.artevini.cz
Veltlínské zelené2020VOC, dry, Dyjákovičky, Šác330 Kč
Ryzlink rýnský2020VOC, dry, Oblekovice, Načeratický kopec330 Kč
Chardonnay2020dry, Oblekovice, Načeratický kopec370 Kč
Pinot Blanc2019dry, Velké Pavlovice, Bojanovská330 Kč
Pálava2019dry, semi-sweet, Slup, Lampelberg395 Kč
Pinot Noir2017dry, Moravian Regional Wine395 Kč
Red Reserve2016dry, Moravian Regional Wine430 Kč


Piálek & Jäger

Piálek & Jäger  www.pialek.cz
Ryzlink rýnský2020VOC, dry, Znojmo region330 Kč
Sauvignon 2020VOC, semi-dry, Znojmo region330 Kč
Veltlínské zelené Extra2020VOC, dry, Znojmo region320 Kč
Pálava2020berry selection, semi-sweet, Znojmo region380 Kč
Hibernal2020late harvest wine, semi-sweet, Znojmo region350 Kč


Vinařství rodiny Špalkovy

Špalek  www.spalek.bio
Svatovavřinecké2014quality wine, dry, Znojemská, Kraví hora280 Kč
Zweigeltrebe2013quality wine, dry, Morava, Kraví hora290 Kč
Gryllus červený 2016quality wine, dry, Znojemská, Kraví hora390 Kč


Vinařství Waldberg

Waldberg  www.waldberg.cz
Müller Thurgau2015late harvest wine, dry, Vrbovec, Dolina 260 Kč
Veltlínské zelené2015VOC, dry, Vrbovec, Slunný vrch310 Kč
Sauvignon2015VOC, dry, Dyjákovičky, Vrbovec, U sklepů, U sv. Urbana290 Kč
Sauvignon 2014VOC , semi-dry wine, Dyjákovičky, U sklepů290 Kč
Ryzlink rýnský2015late harvest wine, dry, Dyjákovičky, U sklepů330 Kč
Sylvánské zelené2015late harvest wine, dry, Chvalovice, Dívčí hora310 Kč
Hibernal 2015late harvest wine, semi-sweet wine, Vrbovec, U sv. Urbana310 Kč
Rulandské šedé2015late harvest wine, dry, Dyjákovičky, Ořechový vrch310 Kč
Muškát moravský 2015late harvest wine, sweet wine, Dyjákovičky, Šác310 Kč
Tramín červený2015berry selection, semi-sweet wine, Dyjákovičky, U sklepů310 Kč
Zweigeltrebe rosé 2015late harvest wine, semi-dry wine, Chvalovice, Dívčí hora280 Kč
Zweigeltrebe 2011late harvest wine, dry, Chvalovice, Dívčí hora280 Kč
Rulandské modré2011late harvest wine, dry, Dyjákovičky, Šác320 Kč


Znovín Znojmo

Znovín  www.znovin.cz
Veltlínské zelené 2018VOC, dry, suché, Krhovice, Skalka330 Kč
Ryzlink rýnský 2015berry selection, Robinia, semi-dry wine, Strachotice, Dívčí hora580 Kč
Rulandské šedé (Pinot Gris)2018berry selection, dry, Miroslav, Weinperky 295 Kč
Sylvánské zelené 2018late harvest wine, dry wine, Miroslav, Weinperky310 Kč
Zweigeltrebe2011berry selection, dry, Stošíkovice na Louce, U tří dubů330 Kč
Zweigeltrebe2015berry selection, dry, Stošíkovice na Louce, U tří dubů330 Kč
Svatovavřinecké2015late harvest wine, dry, Šatov, Na vinici330 Kč